Steps to Fight Fracking

We are here to help you activate your community against gas drilling.  The Coalition Against Unsafe Drilling is a group that is based in Otsego County, NY and now includes citizen activist groups in surrounding communities.

To get help fighting fracking, click on the link to the right that describes your current situation.  In Otsego County we have focused on towns passing land use and road use laws as a way to protect themselves from fracking.

Watch this video for more information:

What is Fracking?
Contact Us : Otseg -oAdvoc acy @

To-Do Now

New Resources on Open Meetings:

Wondering about Open Meetings and your right to attend and understand meetings of public officials?  Check out the links below:

Meetings of public officials must be open to the public and must be advertised in advance

Town Board members must speak so that members of the public can hear them clearly

You have a right to know what going on and a right to ask for information

More information on the New York State Open Meetings Law here.

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